Blocky Racing: Check out New Tricks!


The racing can be a little bit tricky even in perfect conditions, but riding cars made of pixel blocks seem trickier. The Blocky Racing is really enjoyable and funny game with minimalistic graphics.  Everything looks like it was made from Lego, from trees to kart. 

Besides, it's easy to understand the game with clear gameplay that attracts an all-ages audience. It means that the Blocky Racing is quite simple to play and get to the top.  Our tips and trick will help you make this process faster and cope with controls. 

Start Turning Before You Hit the Corner

It may be tough for you to turn suddenly when you collide the corner until you upgrade your kart or its handling. There is a reason for starting to learn the rules of turning at first. Also, we recommend you to remember the track layouts and figure out the pre-steering for the fastest turns.

One Power-up at a Time

The game gets more exciting when the bonuses and power-ups come into the fray. These powerful boosts are extra-helpful while racing and include the various items: from weapons to speed burst. 

When you get a power-up, you must use it before you get a new one. However, if you run up a block of power-up you just save it in your inventory. You should use it as quickly as you can, unless it is not necessary, like firing the rocket while leading the race. 

Look for Shortcuts

After beginning with the fourth track, you will notice shortcuts at the tracks. They are protected by dice which contains mines, so you should be afraid of blowing up. 

But despite it, you should do this to break through faster than your opponents; you will rebirth anyway. This way you will be smarter than other cars and it worth any suffering. Now you are aware of this tip, and it will help you easily win the race even without a strong car. 

Level up Before Buying New Cars

There are no doubts you want to spend your money on buying a new car. There are better cars than you have initially, but you should control yourself and save you cash for better times. In the meantime focus on upgrading the car that you have at that moment. 

Here is at least one reason not to do this. The most expensive cars have better stats than your vehicle. But cheaper ones don’t have such characteristics and it is no sense in buying a cheap car. So save the money and buy the most expensive vehicles or improve your first one.

Bonus tip: At the end of the race, you get an option to watch a short video and earn 50 percent more coins. It can make your upgrades come faster, so don’t miss this opportunity.