You Could Not Take Your Eyes Off the Rusty Lake Paradise

Austin Dean


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We followed excitedly for the news about Rusty Lake since a teased lone screenshot was released in May. And in August we heard a title that sounds like “Rusty Lake: Paradise”, and we froze in anticipation of answering the question “What’s next?” And at the end of November, the editors of Rusty Lake released the first teaser trailer with exciting details of gameplay.  

It is a creepy game with a dark atmosphere and kind of frightening graphics, where the main characters are people with glum souls. From the others  Rusty Lake’s blog post we already know about the action taking place on the island surrounded by water hundreds years ago. The inhabitant of this mystery island is a surreal dark family, which are strange in everything, their behaviour, and look, and especially what they usually like to do. Their business is series of plagues and rituals with various items like frogs and bloodthirsty mosquito-men.

In the trailer, we can see all the pictures we had seen earlier in a blog of the game but in the move, such as an aggregate of mysterious clocks, the scenes from drum ritual and frightened vicious soul in the shadows of a bonfire. The group of people standing near the boat mostly look like a coffin, wearing dark clothes (such dark-coloured as everything in this game), and with animalized masks on their faces which we could see in the Rusty Lake: Hotel. 

Rusty Lake Paradise game screenshot

It is worth to notice that producers kept the promise to release the game in winter, it took place in 11th of January. However, the game is already available for Android and iOs. We recommend you to watch the trailer before geting the game because it is not free.