Trash Sailing Is In Fashion This Fall

Andrew Singleton


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Are you ready to get involved in a new co-op survival game? We are talking about Trash Sailors developed by the comparatively small game studio with an incredibly gifted team that delivers a quality product. The name of the studio is fluckyMachine, and they seem to be working on the new game right now. It is expected to be a co-op roguelike survival title.

What Trash Sailors is about?

In this game, you will be invited to start an adventure on a raft around the flooded world. Your key mission is to collect trash floating in the water, which should be recycled into the things needed to repair and enhance your raft. The idea is not only ecological mindfulness but also the personal benefit the player gets from it. And of course, you must survive completing levels.

Gameplay In Short

fluckyMachine has been working on this game almost for a year already, focusing on design details and mechanics. The title is intended for two players, but if you want, you can play it solo. The gameplay is rather intense. You will meet various creatures when floating. It is vital to avoid odd dangers, to take on tons of challenges, and benefit from surprises the water brings. Here you will be offered five randomly generated locations with different dwellers, like deadly sharks, big octopuses, alligators, cunning penguins, wild tribes, and more. But you should keep your little boat going regardless of any obstacles.

If you want to understand the concept and appreciate the graphics, you can view the first trailer available over the Internet.

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