Spider-Man: Far from Home is Already Available


In 2017 Sony released the first version of Spider-Man – a free virtual reality game which coincided with the Spider-Man: Homecoming. This year the developer has suggested to follow his next initiative and released a new game - Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality.

Is it Worth Attention?

We hope that you will not regret it if you try it. It is a fascinating adventure, as viewed by Spider-Man, which will give you a lot of fun and thrill. It is available for free on PlayStation VR and Steam. You will understand how it is to be a Spider-Man swinging over New York. As usual, the character you navigate is empowered to defend this city from a new attacker. You should be attentive not to become a victim of a dangerous enemy.

This is a proper sequel of the Homecoming VR. Though, you will have a rather short experience with lack of variety as to combats and characters. You will fight with various robots applying several options. You are suggested to select from four outlooks of Spider-Man which are known from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A Few Words in Addition

This new VR experience was developed by L.A.-based CreateVR. This exact developer created the Homecoming experience and Ghostbusters reboot. As you understand, the company is reputable, and its works speak for themselves.