Sanction Slapped on the Actor Providing His Voice in Fire Emblem: Three Houses


The developer of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is declining the service of one of its voice actors. What is the reason for the decision? It is an abuse. Just imagine! Nintendo has decided to consider a recent claim of an ex-girlfriend of Chris Niosi concerning an emotional abuse. The details are not revealed, but despite the fact that the title was released last week, it was announced that Chris would be replaced by another actor in the nearest update.

What Really Happened

Chris’ recent ex-girlfriend posted information about the abuse she experienced when they were in a relationship. He had answered almost immediately on Tumblr apologizing for his mistreatment. We do not know what she means by saying that it was two years of “miserable experience.”

Niosi says he is aware that there will be consequences in his life because he also maltreated his friends and fans. But regardless of his confession and repentance, Nintendo decided to re-record the voiceovers inviting a new actor. Thus, you can play the game listening as Byleth speaks with Chris’ voice, and wait for updates where one of the key characters will sound differently.

Is this replacement vital?

Byleth being a member of a mercenary trooper is one of the key characters navigated by a player. He interacts with other characters by responses suggested in dialogues. In other words, you are expected to choose one of the variants. The choice is able to change the plot and bring points if a response is correct. Moreover, it can decrease the support points of a partner. As you see, speaking is rather significant here, and you will hear the voice of this character concentrating on the consequences of his responses. Well, we hope that a new voice will be no worse than the replaced one.


This case is an example of the efficiency of public announcements. Of course, we do not know the whole story, and it is not so easy to judge whether such penalties are right and fair. Still, it is essential to be kind and polite with your close personal environment in addition to being a gifted actor.

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