Pokémon Will Never End


The Pokémon Company and Tencent are going to develop a new Pokémon title. The announcement was made on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo in Chinese that is why Google translation may not be too accurate, but the sense is still obvious. Tencent Games has a subsidiary, TiMi Studio Group which will be engaged in this cooperation. We hope that it will be fruitful.

Mobile or Video?

There is no information as to a platform, but according to IGN, TiMi deals with mobile gaming, so the game might come out for mobile devices. You could hear about this developer if you know the upcoming shooter Call of Duty or Arena Of Valor, a free MOBA game which is available both for smartphones and Switch. Thus, we should not exclude variations. It is quite possible that we’ll be able to play the new Pokémon title on consoles.

Details of the game

We have no idea about the content, gameplay, and mechanics of the scheduled title. It is a pity that the announcement did not throw light on those important issues. We hope that these solid companies will do their best to provide us with stunning gaming experience. Perhaps, the new title will include battling, collecting, and catching elements mixing several ideas from other Pokémon related games. It can very well be a multiplayer online battle arena requiring the appliance of real-time strategy where you will keep a single character under control. Your Pokémon will fight against another team. There are ideas about advanced VR and usage of various mobile technologies. Of course, All the above points are no more than our assumptions and rumors.

Experts say

If we look at this announcement with the eyes of investment experts, this deal will come off in a different way. Bloomberg supposes such a partnership will be advantageous for both sides. The benefits of Tencent are connected with expansion. The company is known only within China, but this game will attract attention all over the world. While The Pokémon Company will be able to get a piece of a cake in the form of the Chinese market with its customers preferring mobile gaming made by local developers.

Anyway, this is a good start, and we hope it won’t be slowed down, and very soon we’ll learn the details and play this game.

Tell us what you think of the perspectives of Pokemon series and what you think of the above project.