Pokemon Go March Update: What’s New?


Did you miss people catching Pokemon up and down on the streets of your city? Not for a long time, we hope! Pokemon Go announces fresh’n’sweet updates this spring. That means that reality and the virtual world will soon mingle again, and you’ll be looking for fictional Pokemon in your town. Or maybe vice versa: real Pokemon would stroll a fictional town? Who cares! Let’s better find out what new features will bring the Pokemon Go update.

Pokemon Go application screenshots

Do you remember, how the Pokemon Go hit us like a ton of bricks two years ago? The game developer Niantic used real geo locations for creating fantastic game positions. These were, for example, Hokkaido and Kanto regions in Japan, New York and Paris. The real world mixed with the virtual one and we got an unforgettable experience of a full immersion into a game.

Now the Pokemon fans are facing the most expected event of 2018. New Pokemon Go update includes loads of bug fixes, and it will undoubtedly improve the game. In fact, removing of previous bugs was the primary purpose of the latest update.

There also appears a new concept, which is called “research”. It mixes daily tasks with more prolonged severe missions. A player gets a duty from pokestops with some simple activities. For each completed task you’ll get a stamp. In the case you collect seven stamps, you are getting a chance to meet a rare Pokemon.

The update also includes “special research”, directly connected to the mythical pokemon Mew. This mode implies a story with a plot, where Professor Willow himself can set you tasks.

The Pokemon world changes dynamically, and you can as well feel yourself the part of these fast transformations. Play the latest version of Pokemon Go and keep abreast all the subsequent updates. We have this feeling, that they will also be fun and exciting.