Plans of Google Stadia


If you do not know, Stadia is a cloud gaming service available for those who have access to the Internet and Google Chrome. This is a nice opportunity to open the browser, select a game you like, and start playing without any special equipment and downloads. Here no installation is required. This cloud can change gaming entirely. It is operated by Google and suggests a range of quality games. Just as other familiar resources, this streaming platform releases the games with the rather high cost. Still, it is going to compete with online game stores and consoles without reduction of prices. The head of the company persists in saying that there are no reasons for them to be cheaper, while there are much more benefits.

Plans in Details

For the remainder of this year, the Google Stadia will be available with a subscription fee, but already in 2020 it will be free. It means that you can enter it to view its library, read the information about games, choose anything you want, and buy it right on the platform. This is a kind of store function. Another feature is to enable playing. You are suggested to play the games you have bought if you have a required screen. The most attractive benefit of Stadia platform is that you do not need to invest in PC rigs or consoles in order to enjoy playing. The developer promises the highest possible quality of games even if you use the app on the go. The only condition is access to the Internet.

To Be or Not to Be

There are those who doubt in the success of this online video game streaming platform, but we hope for the best. What can be a real external risk to the plan’s implementation? It is an unstable Internet connection which can prevent smooth playing when it comes to online features.

When lag begins, you hardly enjoy the game, or even you can fail to continue it. Still, Google is confident of the success possible due to chance-based systems like “Random Number Generator” rewards. In addition, when you start, you will be suggested to run a connection test to ensure that you have needed latency between the servers and your computer, required internet bandwidth, and to check if data loss corresponds to the allowed performance equal to up to 5%. If these requirements are met, you’ll be able to continue.

Well, we’ll see.