Gears 5 Test Starts in July


Are you waiting for Gears 5? Well, it is coming soon. We expect to see the stunning visuals and fun cooperative Escape mode, which can be repetitive with short and simple maps. Still, it is early days to speak of the results. On 19 July the multiplayer technical test will only begin. The developers are intent on verifying their servers.

What Will be Tested?

Already late July you will be able to download this game for Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. But before Multiplayer Technical Test for this shooter will be carried out during two weekends. The test will show us how efficient and competitive the gameplay is. The testers will try Escalation, Arcade, and King of the Hill modes. Then we’ll know more about a Bootcamp for practice. And another staff to test is a short Tour of Duty. Are you ready for this event?

In order to participate, you should have paid for Gears 5. It does not matter how you have done it. If it is convenient, you can pay through a pre-order or buy an Xbox Game Pass subscription. The participation will be useful for you if you are a Game Pass subscriber. It is a nice possibility to understand whether the finished title is worth your attention.

High Expectations

You can easily get in and enjoy test sessions. There are several test modes for players who know Gears or gamers new to this game who want to practice their skills. You will be able to learn fresh mechanics, to complete challenges and unlock exclusive test banner.