Top Fighting Titles for Android: Battles that You Cannot Stop


Fighting games are one of the most popular game genres that have maintained and even increased a player base over many years. And it is not a surprise. You can play 1 vs 1 combat to have lots of fun with a friend at night or participate in exciting matches if we talk about the huge competitions. Following this topic, we want to give a comprehensive list of top fighting games for Android, which you can play anytime and anywhere.

Shadow Fight 2: Play as a Real Ninja

Shadow Fight 2 Android game screenshot

Price: free of charge
Size: 30M
Rating on Google Store: 4.6

Gameplay: Shadow is the main character who was a legendary fighter in the past before the event that has changed his life. Once upon a time, when he was trying to find a worthy opponent, Shadow occasionally opened the Gate of Shadows. The evil demons turned him into a shadow and cursed for 100 years. To regain past life, our hero needs to imprison all the demons back. And you can help him! Fight with enemies and humiliate demon bosses to slash your way to victory.

The game includes the following features:

• New animation system that allows you fully immerse into epic fights;
• New combat interface that allows you f to destroy the enemies fast and easy;
• Six battle modes (survival, tournament, duel, trial, fight with a demon, Gate of Shadows);
• Customization tools: choose lethal weapons, armor suits, magical powers, and more.

Karate King Fighter: Become a Karate Champion

Karate King Fighter Android game screenshot

Price: free of charge
Size: 45M
Rating on Google Store: 4.3

Gameplay: the game offers real karate combat experience against legendary fighters. With Karate King Fighter every player can feel the ultimate dead or alive rules. Your task is to earn the 1st place on the game’s leaderboard and become a karate king. Learn how to use quick reflexes and special moves, unleash fierce combos and punches. Also, do not forget to develop blockage skills and defend yourself from opponent attacks. It is very important to respond to every enemy movement quickly.

The game includes the following features:

• Stunning 3D graphics;
• Advanced animations that bring a real karate experience to you;
• Intuitive and understandable touchscreen controls;
• Lots of competitions with your favorite Karate legends;
• Superpower to knockdown challenger’s energy instantly;
• Rewards system;
• Background music & sound effects.

Bodybuilder Fighting Club 2019: Take Revenge Against the Dons of Fitness Training Clubs

Bodybuilder Fighting Club 2019 Android game screenshot

Price: free of charge
Size: 41M
Rating on Google Store: 4.3

Gameplay: In the Bodybuilder Fighting Club 2019: Wrestling Games you will be taught a variety of karate, Muay Thai, boxing, aikido, and other fighting forms. When you feel that your skills are sufficiently pumped, you can take part in the bodybuilding gym fighting tournament. Here your character needs to fight face to face in the ring and fully unarmed. You can use only punches and kicks. Move fast, think quickly, and always boost your skills to become the king of gym clubs ring.

The game includes the following features:

• 3D fighting action game;
• Strong gym fighters;
• Reward system;
• Realistic fighting sound;
• Incredible slow-motion effects.

Stick Fight: Earn the Title of Shadow Warrior

Stick Fight Android game screenshot

Price: free of charge
Size: 42M
Rating on Google Store: 4.2

Gameplay: Stick Fight is the famous game series among true lovers of the fighting genre. It has more than 10 millions of downloads on multiple platforms, not only on Android mobile phones. In this epic fighting game, you will play as a stickman who needs to battle against his old and new enemies to be worthy to earn the title of Shadow Warrior. The app consists of different challenging missions you have to complete to prove your prowess with the belts you won. 

The game includes the following features:

• A big arsenal of available weapons and armor;
• Secret fights;
• Leaderboards;
• Dozens of challenging missions;
• Stunning graphics.

Kings of Street fighting – Kung Fu Future Fight: Battle With Your Enemies in the Street

Kings of Street fighting Android game screenshot

Price: free of charge
Size: 42M
Rating on Google Store: 4.2

Gameplay: here you will fight directly in the streets with no limits or rules. So, to survive you need to always pump your jumps, kicks, and master the ninja warrior killer instinct. In the beginning, you have the opportunity to choose the character. Our advice is to do it wisely if you want to win the opponents. As the game progresses, your enemies are becoming more and more resourceful. Hence, do not forget to level up your kung fu fighting skills regularly.

The game includes the following features:

• 3D street fighting game;
• Dood quality ninja combos battles;
• Multiple fighting techniques with special moves;
• Excellent game-physics.

Which One Do You Choose?

In this blog post, we shared with you with 5 epic fighting games available to download on your Android device. Did you find a game you want to try? Or maybe you have already played some of them? Share your favorite fighting games with us in the comments below.