Play Tennis Online on Your Mobile Device


If you are fond of tennis but not lucky enough to attend the tournament in person, take advantage of the correspondent mobile applications. Of course, you can watch a Wimbledon live stream, which is definitely worth your attention, but what’s better than personal participation. When in doubt that you’ll be able to do alright, then try the finest tennis games developed for mobile devices.

We are going to consider some of the products which are available on your Android and iOS smartphones.  There are so many genres that are embodied in this sport. You will find straight and statistic-based simulations, arcade score attacks – everyone will find something appropriate.

Top Tennis Games

Tennis Champs Returns - Season 3 game screenshot

We would start with Tennis Champs Returns - Season 3. If you remember Amiga game, you will play this one easily because it is based on it. You will definitely like the unique style of this game compared to other products described in this article. It can boast of pixel art resembling the 90s and a rather simple control scheme. As a result, almost any beginner can understand the rules of this game without many efforts. But the catch is that it is very complicated to succeed in it.

The game requires quite a lot of time to master the features. This is a pick and play game style. The difficulty is in its depth. You are expected to carry out experiments and apply strategic thinking. You will like it if you prefer to complete the challenges. There are quick play options and several modes here.

Stick Tennis game screenshot

If you do not like simulation, consider Stick Tennis. Playing it, you can refuse thinking a lot and derive the pleasure of gameplay that is lightning-quick. Here you will face a simple control scheme which is all about timings. There are almost no positioning issues. But its eye-pleasing art style will make you fall in love with this app. It is addictive, and you’ll play it for hours without feeling fatigued.

Pong game screenshot

In the late 70s, one of the most popular games was Pong. There are several modern versions of the classic release with various gameplays. We would suggest you try this one developed by CODA Masters. It has a small file size being loaded in no time. The simple interface allows you to master controls in a couple of minutes and enjoy playing. You can take this product as a nostalgia sink or play it for the first time to find more about table tennis genre.

Virtua Tennis Challenge game screenshot

If you have been engaged in this kind of games for a long time, you should remember the Virtua Tennis games, developed by Sega. They were very popular in the 00s and played on various consoles. Now you have a new release - Virtua Tennis Challenge intended for mobile devices and featuring quick arcade-y gameplay. We should warn you that there are a lot of ads here. Still, this is a well-done version with addictive gameplay, tons of challenges which are not too complicated to prevent you from playing. There is a choice of courts and characters. Add to the above benefits the responsive controls, and you will get the perfect game to have some rest.

Ultimate Tennis game screenshot

The next item is Ultimate Tennis with a wide selection of simulation options. You will like its depth and design. The engaging control scheme will make you master the game in a fast way. You can play one-handed even. The product focuses on timing most. Though, you are expected to think about positioning too. You are suggested to set up counter swings.

Timber Tennis game screenshots

Timber Tennis is developed by Digital Melody. We would recommend this game for quick moments on the go. It is full of humor and unusual forms of tennis. You will play using fireballs, balls, bombs, and more. This is a breathtaking activity. Here you will find characters from other games of this developer. As to design, you will be offered pixel art stylings.

Tennis Manager game screenshot

One of the newest game is Tennis Manager. It is deep enough and rewards a longer look. You should allow time to play it. You will start as a beginner and develop your skills to move up through the ranks to reach the top of the world rankings. You will practice and fight for this title daily. Here you will not get a particular art style, but the strategy is strong, and you can count on rather interesting challenges.

3D Tennis game screenshot

Another simulation is 3D Tennis. It suggests compelling controls and stunning visuals. The polished UI is another advantage. But the most important element is included physics engine. Well, summarizing, you will have fun playing this game enjoying Quick Play and World Tour modes.

Flick Tennis game screenshot

For those who want to play a simple and easy game, we would recommend Flick Tennis. Here you will find a full story mode, nice soundtrack and animations. The comic book narrative structure is its distinctive characteristic. Being not standard, this game still is worth to be tried.

Tennis Club Story game screenshot

And finally, consider Tennis Club Story, which is addictive and charming. It is developed in the mobile management genre, which is not very typical. You will spend hours playing it. The game is interesting because of its unique art style and highly intuitive interface.

Key Rules and Advantages

All the above games are grounded on the basic gameplay. A tennis match consists of a series of points. There are a field and the net in the middle of it. You have opposing players which are located on opposite sides of this net. There is a tennis ball, also. We believe you know the principle of gaming. Every time you start by a serve. To serve the tennis ball, you should be in the right position standing between lines. Hitting the ball over the net, you are not allowed to touch the net. As a server, you will get a couple of tries. If you fail to get the ball in, it will be considered as a loss of the point. There are other situations which should be judged. If you manage to perform the task properly, the opposite player will hit the ball back, and the game starts.

A tennis match contains several sets. You should win two sets out of three or three sets out of five to become a winner of the whole match. Each set consists of games. If you manage to overcome 6 games, you will win the set. Though, to continue playing, you cannot win less than two sets. You should understand that various tournaments have various rules as to scoring and details. That is why be ready to learn the rules afresh every time you download the app. There can be very long tennis matches, or on the contrary, you can face a simplistic approach. But anyway every game is scored by points.

There are other particular terms which are known by insiders. Do not hurry to learn them because online gaming still is not a perfect copy of a real one. The developer can create his own environment. But we hope that a general idea is clear from the above description and you will feel confident starting online tennis. Though, if you read this article, it is highly likely that you are fond of this game and know rules without our guide.

There are lots of reasons for loving tennis. When you play it in real life, you’ve become a part of the community, meet important and interesting people, keep your body in shape, stay healthy due to a cardio workout, improve your muscle tone and coordination. But when you play it online, you benefit from it too, even if you are not involved in aerobic exercises. Virtual tennis is good for the mind, making you focus on the details when you overcome obstacles. This is an efficient stress killer. Thus, the above applications will be not only a way to have fun but also a possibility to improve your mental health and lift the spirits. Enjoy!