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The description of Grand Theft Auto: iFruit

Welcome yourself to the Social Club’s games universe. Here you find your favourite parts of Grand Theft Auto games’ links for phone and some bonuses to them like upgrading cars for the games and teaching your dog new tricks. With iFruit you can learn a lot more about GTA world and really become a dedicated member of Social Club society. Discover new perks to SC’s games and additional opportunities.

Storyline 3/10

It’s a dashboard for all GTA games in one place. From here you can go and purchase all GTA parts of the game (San Andreas, Vice City, V, and others). Prices are around 10$ for each game. You can go to Social Club (SC from now on) website and join more than 100,000,000 members community where you can share your gaming experience, get extra game bonuses, creates bands, receive news and share your gaming content. You can buy SC merch from here too.

At this app, you can only play with Chop The Dog from games and customize your cars. If you login with your SC account the dog and cars will be available in GTA games as you made them dog will do tricks that you taught it at iFruit, and you’ll have cars as you pimped them in LS Customs.

There are also Lifeinvader and Snapmatic links in this app. First one is like a social network for GTA’s characters - it was fun to read their profiles there and learn surprising facts about their personalities. Snapmatic is a secret layout of the games’ photos made by real-life players. Of course, some of them are photoshopped.

Graphics 6/10

I can tell only about Chop the Dog’s and LS Customs’ graphics because they’re the only ones you can actually play in iFruit. Chop isn’t impressive. It has mediocre graphics - the kind you saw in the first ever games for PC and phone - when the character moves only up, down, left and right, and diagonally. Everything looks like a cartoon - everything is drawn. Chop is kind of slow and he moves his leg move funny. There are only two scenes available - his house with his bed and the park where he has to bark off other dogs from his lady friend.

LS Customs is a place where you change the main features of GTA’s characters’ cars. It has lines for every feature (like Lights, Horn, Wheels, Engine, etc.) - all black and white very well drawn with details, very close to reality. Very comfortable and understandable to use.

Sound 2/10

Sounds in Chop the Dog are very limited - only when he barks, eats and drinks. Also, there’s a sound to the ball he plays with and some extra sounds to the dogs he fights. Rather boring and I got tired of all the sounds pretty quickly.

For Chop and LS Customs there’s no music available.



Chop the Dog will give you very little fun. It was difficult to understand how to feed him and give him water at the beginning. When you click on him - he barks and doesn't want to give you the toy. It was fun to protect his bitch fighting other dogs. But not realistic at all. So if you want to get iFruit for anything if you’re GTA’s fan, I recommend to do it for cars upgrade not for the dog. But if you’re a fan already, of course, you’ll get for other things I’ve mentioned above. I’m not a super fan of GTA I just wanted to see what advantage it can give me and I wasn’t blown away by it. Hence, I probably won’t get back to it. And its logo looks dirty.

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Andrew Singleton

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Grand Theft Auto: iFruit

3 / 5
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