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The description of Grand Theft Auto V

Truly a landmark for video games in general, GTA V takes every part of the franchise one step forward, be it a breathtaking story, thrilling car chases or murderous rampages.

Story Line 10/10

GTA as a video game series has come a long way, and dramatic story was one of its main features practically from the start. Sure, it was simple and schematic at first, but with each consecutive game, the plot was getting thicker, becoming what was comparable to a good movie scenario by the time GTA IV was released. GTA V seems to push that boundary even further, creating a kind of plot video games have never seen before.

It is the same old story of a criminal rising to the top in a large city – but now there are three main characters, each with its own background and abilities. Moreover, you can switch between them any time you want – and game AI will generate a starting point according to the character’s personality. For example, psychopathic Trevor can be found sleeping half-naked on rails in front of an approaching train.

The narrative is tighter than ever but doesn’t go too far in terms of realism. There are still suicidal missions to be completed including traditional bank robbery, although they feel natural and develop characters well. Every other classical component of a GTA game is here too: stolen cars, strip clubs, guns and so on. All of it just feels even more immersive than before, impressing by the sheer level of detail.

Graphics 9/10

It would be strange for an AAA-product like GTA V to have mediocre graphics. And they are truly remarkable: objects cast smooth shadows, water glares and driving feels even more realistic. The only minor problem is simplified character animations – but that is the price we have to pay for a much more expansive, detailed and populous world. In addition, the game is remarkably bug-free, especially considering its complexity.

Sound 10/10

Incredibly well-produced sound and music were always a distinctive feature of the series, and GTA V doesn’t fail here as well. In-game radio stations are diverse and stylish, and fictional commercials still provide almost half of the game’s best jokes. And for those few who prefer driving around without radio blaring there is this new feature called «dynamic soundtrack» which adjusts itself to match the tension on the screen.



Grand Theft Auto V impresses not only with its size, style, perfect pace or any other spectacular features. It just offers one of the few open worlds living their own life – or pretending well enough to do so. Even after a hundred hours in-game the opportunities seem to be equally endless: there’s always something to be seen right behind the corner. Its replay value isn’t too high – instead, it just doesn’t seem to end at all. It tells a provocative, smart and interesting story with high-end technical instruments while leaving just enough freedom for the player to stay focused. All in all, it’s just one of the best video games ever made.

Professional Critic
Andrew Singleton

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Grand Theft Auto V

5 / 5
Genre: Action
Publish Date: 2014-11-18
Size: 44.86 GB

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